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Cultural Shared Lunch

Our AWESOME Cultural Shared Lunch
WOW!!! Thank you very much to all our wonderful ESOL families who brought in delicious food for us all to experience. This was a wonderful occasion to celebrate the end of a term learning about our diverse cultures here at Marina View School. It was great to see our ESOL families during this time.  We hope you enjoyed all the yummy food just as much as we did!

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Culture- Where We Come From

Where We Come From
Some of our ESOL students have been learning more about New Zealand, where they live and telling me more about where they come from, their cultural background. It has been wonderful learning for both myself and the children. We decided to share this information as a Duality Map. 

The skills we learnt during this time were:
Understanding the difference between fact and opinion. Identifying key words and using these to help search for information. Skimming and scanning for information. Summarising information. 
The students have worked really hard on these, have a look at some of these below...

Tongan Language Week- Making Ngatu

Tonga Making Ngatu 

As it was Tongan Language Week last week we thought it would be a great idea to look into some of the Tongan culture and their art. It is important to acknowledge and embrace the different cultures around us. 
We started our learning by reading some information about Ngatu- Keeping the Tradition Alive. 

We learnt that Ngatu is a traditional Tongan art, and is a tapa cloth made from the bark of the Paper Mulberry Tree. 
We did a disappearing text to help us remember this information (see the pictures below). 

We wanted to have a go at making our very own Ngatu. Although we couldn't source the actual cloth made from the Paper Mulberry Tree we decided to use brown paper, templates with designs on, crayons, vivids and dye. 
1. Scrunch up our brown paper so that it is nice and soft. 
2. Using the template place the brown paper over it ready to rub with the crayon.

3. Once the design has transferred to the brown paper use the vivid to outline the lines and make patterns. 

4. F…