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Information Reports

Information Report
Using all the information we have learnt, this week we put together our learning through writing an information report. 
Some students require 'Writing Frames' to help get them started. This gives them the sentence starters for their writing. 
Everyone worked really hard on their reports, including all important information. 
The Year 2 and 3's then created a 3D picture to go with their writing. 
Year 4 up have created a book including all of the different information reports.

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Last week we acknowledged and celebrated Matariki in ESOL. We read stories about Matariki and identified it's importance in New Zealand. We used this time to celebrate with our ESOL students. 
Our older ESOL students reflected on what they have been learning, celebrated what they are happy and grateful for, and then wrote down their hopes and dreams for the future.

Amelia started at Marina View School at the beginning of 2019, she has come from Korea.

Our ESOL Learning

We have been learning lots of interesting information about Dolphins in ESOL lately. Our main focus has been to follow the text structure and language features of a simple description. We have done this through lots of different, fun activities such as drawing diagrams, listening grids, BINGO and cloze reading tasks. Check out some of this learning below...

Diagrams Diagrams are a great way for students to identify new learning in a visual way. We were able to unpack new vocabulary and the different parts of a dolphin and their meaning through drawing a diagram. 

Listening Grids We continued our learning through a listening activity. We were learning to identify the keywords from the information the teacher read a loud. Students then needed to include these keywords on their listening grid. This is a great skill to learn and will be helpful throughout their years at school. 

BINGO We like to consolidate new vocabulary that is learnt through fun games, BINGO is a great way to do this…


Showing Our Appreciation
A couple of weeks ago in ESOL we were learning to show our appreciation for our fantastic Mother's! As Mother's Day was approaching we thought this would be a great opportunity for us to talk about how special our mum's are and acknowledge how much they do for us...
We all identified why we loved our mum's. We made a plan in our books of the flower and wrote down our ideas.

We then did our good copy on a pretty little flower, which was cut out from a special machine called a 'cricket'.

We iced and decorated some heart shaped biscuits, with royal icing and sprinkles.

Lastly we put it all together in