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Merry Christmas!

 Merry Christmas!  We hope you all have a very safe and Merry Christmas. After such an unusual year we hope that everyone is able to relax and enjoy the summer break. We look forward to seeing you in the new year!  We decided to end our ESOL year making pinecone decorations...
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Garden to Table

  Garden to Table We have had lots of fun seeing our pea seeds germinate, become seedlings and now into an actual plant.  Mr Gover has very kindly allowed our ESOL students to use part of the garden to plant our pea seedlings. We had to spend some time watering the plants and creating a structure for the pea plants to climb.  If you are at school, go and have a look at our awesome pea plants in the new garden by Room 29 (behind after school care).  While our peas are still growing we were able to eat some of the lettuce that is in the school garden, so we could focus a little more on the 'table' part of Garden to Table. With this lettuce we decided to make marmite, cheese and lettuce sandwiches for everyone. Most students loved these sandwiches some didn't like the taste of marmite. 


 ENGINEERING This term we have had lots of fun exploring engineering. We had to learn lots of new words and understand what an engineer is before we started our process of becoming an engineer ourselves.  We learnt that there are 5 different types of engineers; aerospace, civil, software, mechanical and electrical.  We thought it would be a great opportunity to have some hands-on learning while working our way through the engineering process.  We read a book called 'The Safe Place' From this story we had to identify and define the problem. The problem was that Hen needed a safe place to lay her eggs and keep her chicks safe. We needed to think about the materials we needed to use and what was going to comfortable for the hen.  We then had to plan and design our solutions.   Once we had planned our designs with our buddies we had to create a model to see what worked and what didn't work so well. This required, negotiating, justifying, a lot of team work and perseverance.  On